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Dear Veil Guy,

Thank you for the detailed response. I can use it! I can see now the value of a sport bike like the one I gave up... and R6... which would have lent itself quite well to a stealth makeover. I traded it in for a chrome-laiden cruiser, which doesn't lend itself well to this sort of thing. Ironically, the R6 is a racing bike and indeed I was racing everywhere but never got a ticket. The cruiser is a very laid-back thing and I am 100% more law abiding. And what do you know? Got a ticket. Go figure. It's really nothing more than a crap shoot since absolutely no one goes the speed limit out here, especially on the freeway comming back from Tahoe.

Anyway, I can certainly treat my car. That will help. And I'll do what I can for the motorcycle, and if it helps, it helps.

One thing for certain is that I have to get more strategic about my driving patterns. Awarness, i think, is a big factor. Staying out of the far left lane, and maybe out of the next lane over is probably important. Being aware as possible of who is behind me and in front of me can help being snuck up on. I'm starting to use my turning indicator more often now, so I can eliminate a ticket for not using it when changing lanes. I might get ticketed for something else... but not for failing to signal. My theory is that if I am in a pack of heavy traffic instead of out alone in a commuter lane (safer, but a target for cops) their chances of getting a clean reading on me are reduced. I might get stopped for something, but the more it's officer discretion with no solid evidence like a laser reading to back it up, the more wiggle room I have to argue against it in court. The ticket I got for 85 in a 65 zone (a holiday speed trap) is something I guess i can't argue with. He has it on his laser readout... so that's that.

So anyway, I'll try to see if there is something I can do about the chrome "lowers" on the motorcycle, which would be big reflectors. I hate to paint them, but I guess I'll have to. For sure, with my next bike I will be factoring in it's stealth possibilities in a big way before i buy it.
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