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Originally Posted by RADARB8 View Post
Why didn't i think of that. i got an entire roll left over from some Body side mouldings i attached. that stuff is great!!
There you go.

I also have the Veil!! In Md. the troopers and locals are very assiduous about NOT having the front tag attached where it is visible. in fact they want it placed in the factory position. My nephew was ticketed. it was[ only temporary ] standing up in his windshield .so i have to keep it there.
In that case, definitely *do* preserve the proper placement/location for the front plate!

Where I live in Metro-Cleveland, there are areas that tend to enforce our front-plate laws - given that one of my primary concerns is simply not to be stopped in the first place, I also have a front plate on my vehicle, where it's supposed to be.

But like you're planning, I also undertake passive measures, to beef-up defenses at this most vulnerable area.....

But a thought just came to me. Ecklers, a popular corvette catalog co. has a hard shell transparent plastic cover that is NOT flat but contours to the shape of the car. Very similar to the original cover. I will try later to post a pic. if that is possible on the forum. Doesn't that sound better than the flat laser plastic ones???
Aesthetically, I'd well bet that the contoured one looks much better than the various proprietary, flat, laser-diffusing/defeating units.

If i veiled the plate and the cover i would think i could get the ultimate coverage....
If you can do the outside of the plate cover, I think that will be plenty of protection - get it professionally done, at a paint-shop, via their HVLP gun, and the surface finish will approximate that of your vehicle's - alternatively, wet-sanding the cover, and then using an airbrush, will also net a more "clear" look to the VEIL, instead of manual application.

Look at djrams80, a fellow hobbyist/enthusiast and VEIL user, for the former example:
Veil Professionally Done - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

^ Look at how absolutely awesome his headlights and fogs came out. (For a comparison, look at his tail-lights, which were manually applied. Look at the difference in terms of "surface" finish smoothness.)

For the latter:
VEIL test on hayabusa - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

^ sbfuller, another fellow hobbyist/enthusiast and VEIL user, utilized the wet-sanding/airbrush technique on the headlight unit of his hyperbike. Note that this method also produces a smoother and overall "glossier" finish than with a manual brush-type application.

I would be hesitant to VEIL the plate in and of itself, as the two combined may make the plate too dark to properly visualize, and that might irk enforcers. Overall, I'd say that VEIL applied to the cover, alone, would make the most difference - that, plus perhaps the use of a non-retro-reflective plate (such as a replica plate made of a non-metallic substance; but here, be careful that the replica is of sufficiently approximate graphical design as the state issue), or, alternatively, lightly scruffing the surface of the plate to make it less retro-reflective.

And honestly, no need to thank me - I'm just glad to help.

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