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Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
The C5 should be very nicely "stealth profiled," as long as you don't have your iceburg headlights up. You really shouldn't need a bra.

Certainly, a front plate would cause a tremendous PT concern, but I don't imagine that you have one?

If you are really concerned about things, go a step farther, and VEIL the exposed front-end lighting elements.

With the Blinder heads, 3M Automotive Trim/Molding tape will effectively hold them "permanently" (while still allowing for fully residue-free release, at a later date, if-desired, with no damage to the vehicle finish, provided that the vehicle finish in the mounted area and immediate surroundings were not damaged at or before the time of application, to begin with). Pay good attention to initial prep (cleaning the area, as well as with proper consideration for surface temperatures), and you'll be fine.

Shimming the heads can be achieved with any number of different methods, and is limited only by your imagination.

Remember to get the heads as level and square as you possibly can - obsession here really counts.
Why didn't i think of that. i got an entire roll left over from some Body side mouldings i attached. that stuff is great!! today and tmorrow i am going to get the blinder 25 installed. I also have the Veil!! In Md. the troopers and locals are very assiduous about NOT having the front tag attached where it is visible. in fact they want it placed in the factory position. My nephew was ticketed. it was[ only temporary ] standing up in his windshield .so i have to keep it there.But a thought just came to me. Ecklers, a popular corvette catalog co. has a hard shell transparent plastic cover that is NOT flat but contours to the shape of the car. Very similar to the original cover. I will try later to post a pic. if that is possible on the forum. Doesn't that sound better than the flat laser plastic ones??? If i veiled the plate and the cover i would think i could get the ultimate coverage, of course in conjunction with the 2 head jammer. I want to thank TSI+WRX;2636
for the excellent advice. If u or anyone have any info on the curved plastic plate cover please chime in, I'm a newbe and all ears
thanks again Greg O. [RADARB8]
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