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Exclamation mounting blinder & front bra

I received my m-25 blinder and i think the instructions really are not the best. I made copies of the blinder support pages and when u try to read the wiring diagram it is blurry. if u try to make it larger it just get blurrier.
Anyway i have been using the search tab to find out about 2 things: first is there any reason why on my Z06 C5 vette i have to use the brackets and drill the 8 holes in my air duct system when it seems [ if i have them level and distanced properly ] commercial VELCRO should work fine!! a 1 1/2 by
3 1/2'' piece is very tacky. Also i searched for front bra and found nothing! Would a front thick black CALGON bra with plastic license cover help in any way to resist a laser hit. My vehicle as u might know is fiberglass. it is glossy black and very streamlined. If anyone has any good info. on the velcro and bra please chime in! thanks much Greg O.
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