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Originally Posted by Michael B View Post
Sorry, it is company policy to not give out that information.
People tend to compare db's as the sole decision maker to a good radar detector.
The truth is it is far more complicated than that.
Response time to qualify an alert is just as important to consider.
Drivability is another important factor to consider.
If your unit is always alerting, you will not trust it regardless of the sensitivity.
If your unit does not respond to brief transmissions of radar, you will not get the same warning as if CW was in use.

May I ask what state you live in?
Are you aware of the radar/ laser that is used in your local area?
I would like to tell you but it is my personal policy not to give that info out.

I am interested in stalker ka radar primarily. I have tested the unit with a K band radar and the unit doesn't do particularly well on brief transmissions of radar that you mention as primarily of importance over sensitivity. I don't know about the stalker 34.7 transmissions. Can you give me any more info on this band and the detector or should I just go to a radar detector test site look for a similar whistler model type and find this out for myself?
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