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Yes, that's right Scott, the Consumer Electronics Show.

CES has been the largest convention show in Vegas for years.

Actually Veil did one show with Blinder some years ago.

The cost to operate a nice booth there can run into six figures (more than SEMA) and you have to compete with other booths that aren't really related to the automotive industry. Given their size, Beltronics & Escort & Cobra can afford to operate a booth at CES on a regular basis, but smaller companies have to really be able to cost justify their appearance.

SEMA provides a much higher level of quality traffic to our particular industry. Consumer electronics is way to broad a space for our specialty products, I am afraid.

Nonetheless, CES is at least an interesting show to attend.

Another bit a trivia about CES that you may not have known. There is another unrelated convention that runs in Vegas at the same time, but this convention is, how should I say, a bit more risqué.

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