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Smile Some ideas


I would recommend the Bel 955 or 965 vector series and some Laser Veil G4. For the money they are both outstanding performers and the Veil really helps knock down on the reflection of the head lights. Laser jammers are illegal in california, but as long as you turn them off when approaching a police officer shooting at you and slow to the speed limit you will be just fine. Right now Jammers are at there lowest prices due to the economy. You can get some great deals out there on Laser jammers. If your interested in a laser jammer PM me. Escort and Blinder are the jammers I recommend.

Originally Posted by Mstaples View Post
I ride a motorcycle in California and need some protection from speed traps and the CHP. I ride a cruiser, so I'm not on a hot rod sport bike, but the speed limits in my area (and maybe all areas) are rediculous. So it's just a matter of time until I get a ticket. In fact, got one last night on a country road with no cars for miles around, doing 64 in a 45 mile zone where the speed limit must have been establish for Model-T's in 1910. A cop was hiding and nailed me.

I know nothing about radar detectors. I can't afford too much money here, but i would like to get something. What would you suggest? So far, I'm thinking a radar detector with a little laser-jamming paint. Laser jammers are, I guess, illegal in California.

Any help?

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