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Default Beltronics Vector 965 (V965) Phased Out

Judging by the latest revision to Beltronics website, it appears that the Beltronics Vector 965 has been discontinued and that the Vector series is now comprised of only three models. The top-of-the-line Beltronics Vector 995 (V995) at an SRP of $299, the very capable Beltronics Vector 955 (V955) at an SRP of $199, and the entry-level Beltronics Vector 940 (V940) at an SRP of $169.

Unlike the other professional series of radar detectors from Beltronics, the Vector series can be found discounted at legitimate dealers.

The Beltronics Vector 965 (V965) can still be found, though:

This consolidation of the Beltronics Vector series, makes complete sense as both the V965 and V955 were very closely related in capability and feature-set.

With only three remaining, the distinctions become a bit more apparent, but we still tend to prefer the top two remaining models, the Vector 995 (V995) and the Vector 955 (V955).

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