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If you are on somewhat of a tight budget but don't want to compromise on performance, I would recommend either the Beltronics Vector 955 or the Whistler Pro 78 to accompany Veil.

Danny offers a couple of nice packages that may fit within your budget constraints:

Laser Veil / Whistler Pro 78 Radar Detector Package

He's got other packaged deals as well that you may find appealing:

Laser Veil - Packages and Special Deals

If you need customized motorcycle mounts:

Radar Detector Motorcycle Mounts

Radarbusters also offers a bunch of them:

Motorcycle Mounts at Radar Busters

If you can get away with using a license plate cover, I would recommend an motorcycle fitted Ontrack Laser Shield or a Photo Blur that has Veil applied to it, so you can be protected from police laser and certain photo enforcement devices.

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