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Default A little help with all this

I ride a motorcycle in California and need some protection from speed traps and the CHP. I ride a cruiser, so I'm not on a hot rod sport bike, but the speed limits in my area (and maybe all areas) are rediculous. So it's just a matter of time until I get a ticket. In fact, got one last night on a country road with no cars for miles around, doing 64 in a 45 mile zone where the speed limit must have been establish for Model-T's in 1910. A cop was hiding and nailed me.

I know nothing about radar detectors. I can't afford too much money here, but i would like to get something. What would you suggest? So far, I'm thinking a radar detector with a little laser-jamming paint. Laser jammers are, I guess, illegal in California.

Any help?
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