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This is a double post for sake of completeness becuase it covers two distinct topics - please continue any conversation about this in the Red Light camera section

ALPR and Photo-enforcement just joined forces to send Veil Guy's blood pressure through the roof.

Oak Forest (IL) police are believed to be the first in the country and perhaps the world to successfully test the village's red light cameras to locate vehicles identified in an Amber Alert.

Once a license plate number is entered into the computer system, the cameras stop enforcing red light violations so they can focus on viewing the license plates of cars traveling through an intersection.

Once the cameras identify the targeted vehicle, a text message is sent to police department e-mail accounts along with an image of the vehicle captured on camera.

The full article can be read here The SouthtownStar

Original Press release: Gatso USA introduces industry's first Amber Alert photo enforcement camera - ITS International - News Article

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