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Originally Posted by drtorque View Post says it has lidar shifter as well, but as far as i can understand it's not enough.
Whether or not the 9500ci's ZR4 laser jammers "is enough" - that's very hard to say.

Each area has its own enforcement hardware and profile (i.e. practices). What is more than enough in one area may be totally insufficient in the next.

This is why I made the recommendation of having you head over to the Fourms - that's a place that has a big population of its participants located in TX. You may get more valid information there, than anywhere else.

To take an example, look at erickonphoenix - his "traditional setup" ZR3 has provided him years of excellent service.

And certainly, your vehicle is much bigger than either of his two "Lab Vehicles," but given that you'll have stepped-up your game with the ZR4, and that you'll use all three heads forward-facing (i.e. "non-traditional/enthusiast's setup"), adding-in VEIL and/or other passive countermeasures, that might truly be all that you need, for effective real-world performance, where you live, and based on your driving habits.

...and it seems most detectors fail in the city with wrong signals, except for 9500ix. that's why i opted for that one...
Be aware, though, that any filtering can and will expose you to some level of risk, and the unique functional nature of the AI that's incorporated into the Escort top-flight detectors will demand even more care, in their proper usage, to prevent such filtering from being your downfall.

I would highly recommend that you read through, in-detail, CJR's excellent post here:

Explanation of the 9500I & TrueLock info (Tricks) - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

To an extent, the GPS-enabled AI of the Escort top-flight detectors do make "falsing" concerns a thing of the past. However, it is not without its inherent risks - risks that arise as a result of the device's technical limitations as well as your own end-use practices.

Be sure you understand, fully, the parameters of such limitations, so you can minimize your risk.

Another potential route to consider - you can use the Cheetah GPS-Mirror or C100 stand-alone, combined with their Detector Interface (or ActiveStealth, if you'd like to go that route), to drastically cut alert REPORTING on, say, your V1, when you're below your pre-set alert speed. This will enable you to visually track *all* threats (with the V1 set to no filtering), while only being audibly alerted after the vehicle has crossed over your preset speed threshold.

im a student and these stuff are not cheap, but practically it seems if it saves just one ticket, it almost compensates the purchase. and im sure if i get one more ticket w/out installing an equipment, i will not forgive myself.
Indeed, that's the rub.

It's an investment - that's how I think of it, too.

iwas kind of worried about professional installation part.
IIRC, Escort no longer requires that the unit be professionally installed, in order to retain full warranty.

REF: Passport 9500ci Radar Detector & Laser Defense System Specifications - Escort Inc.

Professional Installation Suggested.
Emphasis added.

The level of difficulty of the install, in-truth, is very low. However, for those who are either inexperienced at basic vehicle modifications and/or are not "mechanically inclined," it could be fairly difficult.

I would again log-on to, and ask if anyone local to you, with experience with these installs, is willing to lend a hand, either for free, or for lesser compensation than what "professionals" will charge.

Typically, your fellow enthusiasts will perform the install in a fashion that's even *better* than what "professionals" at various automotive ICE shops can offer, as there's a special level of understanding/knowledge that must be achieved, in order to properly install these devices for optimal performance.

but i came across something called cheetah wireless connection. i dont know for sure, but to my understanding, it's like connects the laser pads in the grill to inside the car via some sort of wireless. i might be able to do that on my own. so rather than paying for pro installation, when i change my car i can handle it myself again. what you think.
The Cheetah Wireless kit, to the best of my knowledge, is not compatible with the Escort ZR3/ZR4, nor the 9500ci :

- see compatibility listing.

another tiny question, i guess i hav to paintthe headlisghts with the veil, and the paint-cover depreciate over some time. why not paint them from the inside, no reflection that way?
There is a "first-pass effect" with VEIL.

By placing VEIL on the "inside" of a surface, yes, you'll still attenuate IR, but a portion of the initial laser hit will scatter and reflect off the unprotected forward surface - and that could mean the difference between being protected, or having a punch-through.

as for plate i checked the photoblur. itmakes sense as it's like a mechanical/physical solution rather than the alternative spray (chemical).. however, that thing is highly visible from outside and i wonder if a cop sees it it might attract attention.. its like puttingyour plate in a gift box. ihave to think about how can i defend myself if a cop ask about it. (i guess i cant say it protects my plate from rusting).
I am, overall, not a proponent of any plate protection that visibly "blurs" - or otherwise makes unreadable - the plate details.

In areas where photo-enforcement is prominent, enforcers tend to take quite a nasty view to such outright/blatent attempts to circumvent such devices.

Locally, here in Cleveland, Ohio, for example, if enforcers in areas with photo-enforcement sees such a device on your vehicle, it's a virtual guaranty that they'll make you remove it, on-the-spot, and a further citation - anything from a simple "fix-it-ticket" to something much worse - have been reported as the routine, as well.

This is why I selectively use only the LaserShield on my front plate, and is also a reason why I do not use the LaserShield on my rear plate.

For some of my detailed reasoning:

LED Alert Light

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