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Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
Go to, drtorque, and ask the TX locals there what you need, in terms of jammer hardware.

I have a strong suspicion that if you're willing to VEIL the front lighting elements on your vehicle, plus use a VEIL-protected LaserShield on your front plate, and add-in maybe even the use of a matte-black vehicle front "bra," you can get good to excellent protection with either a ZR4 setup (with the single rear head brought to the front, to selectively protect the front plate) or a Blinder M35 or even M45, J16, setup.

The former jammer choice should be easy on the budget, and will seamlessly integrate into your 9500i.

The latter, however, may start to push the price margin towards the border of the Laser Interceptor, which would then complicate your purchase decision somewhat, as the performance gap between these two would still very much likely favor the LI.
thank you very much for both comments guys.
i dont have 9500ix. yet.. but it seemed like the ultimate solution for radar. it says it has lidar shifter as well, but as far as i can understand it's not enough.
i use the same routes most of the time. and rather than speeding i'd first like to cover myself by knowing the presence of cops. around my area they mostly lay low in a corner near unfunctional stop sings, or wherever there's a meaningless sign that people practically overlook, and i do, too. while laying low, they'd also oepn their radar, that's what i thought, and it seems most detectors fail in the city with wrong signals, except for 9500ix. that's why i opted for that one, no purchases yet.

once in a while i use the highways, for a 3 hr drive from Houston to nearby cities. on the road there are some small towns where cops are like thirsty insects.
im a student and these stuff are not cheap, but practically it seems if it saves just one ticket, it almost compensates the purchase. and im sure if i get one more ticket w/out installing an equipment, i will not forgive myself.

iwas kind of worried about professional installation part. but i came across something called cheetah wireless connection. i dont know for sure, but to my understanding, it's like connects the laser pads in the grill to inside the car via some sort of wireless. i might be able to do that on my own. so rather than paying for pro installation, when i change my car i can handle it myself again. what you think.

the bra is for the front w/out the plate and headlights. it makes sense, from far distance it would be hard for the cop to point plate or headlights.
another tiny question, i guess i hav to paintthe headlisghts with the veil, and the paint-cover depreciate over some time. why not paint them from the inside, no reflection that way?
as for plate i checked the photoblur. itmakes sense as it's like a mechanical/physical solution rather than the alternative spray (chemical).. however, that thing is highly visible from outside and i wonder if a cop sees it it might attract attention.. its like puttingyour plate in a gift box. ihave to think about how can i defend myself if a cop ask about it. (i guess i cant say it protects my plate from rusting).

thanks very much again guys. i appreciate all the comments. im a newbie trying to learn these stuff, b/c im unfortunately experienced a lot of tickets..

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