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Go to, drtorque, and ask the TX locals there what you need, in terms of jammer hardware.

I have a strong suspicion that if you're willing to VEIL the front lighting elements on your vehicle, plus use a VEIL-protected LaserShield on your front plate, and add-in maybe even the use of a matte-black vehicle front "bra," you can get good to excellent protection with either a ZR4 setup (with the single rear head brought to the front, to selectively protect the front plate) or a Blinder M35 or even M45, J16, setup.

The former jammer choice should be easy on the budget, and will seamlessly integrate into your 9500i.

The latter, however, may start to push the price margin towards the border of the Laser Interceptor, which would then complicate your purchase decision somewhat, as the performance gap between these two would still very much likely favor the LI.

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