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Default Laser Jammer May be Appropriate Addition to Escort Passport 9500ix


Your large metallic silver SUV is a tough vehicle to cloak and is a very easy target for laser (and radar for that matter).

Obviously you've got it covered with your Passport 9500ix, which is a very fine radar detector and laser detector.

The Blinder Xtreme units have proven to me to be an extremely reliable and dependable protection. The latest J16 versions of the M25 family have only improved over the original M10s and M20s and are very reasonably priced, IMO.

If you wish to have direct integration into your existing Passport 9500ix, perhaps you would be well to consider the Laser Shifter ZR4 [which also adds a rear shifter (ie; laser jammer head]. This unit is also reasonably priced and if its reliability proves similar to its predecessor, the Shifter ZR3, you won't be disappointed, either.

I won't speak to the other imported (and potentially patent-infringing) laser diode types which often are a bit more costly for similar setups and have historically experienced a choppy reliability/distribution record. There are others who participate here who have a better first-hand experience with these units and would, therefore, be more qualified than I to directly address.

I would recommend that you stay away from plate sprays designed to 'increase' reflectivity with the hopes of overwhelming flash-based photo enforcement for several reasons.

1) They have been tested to be not much more than simple hair spray.
2) They do not prevent your plate from being successfully photographed.
3) They could potentially increase your likelihood of getting a police laser ticket and make it harder for a laser countermeasure (such as a laser jammer) to do their job effectively.

I would suggest that you consider adding to your arsenal the following (regardless of the way you choose to go):
  • Veil G4 (as a stealth laser countermeasure designed to reduce laser reflectivity from your vehicle's most reflective surfaces as well as provide total protection from emerging infrared photo enforcement and ALPR systems)
  • An effective plate cover (such as the Photo Blur)
Using all of these systems in combination will provide you the greatest protection.

It so happens that a couple of nice bundles are available from some of the primary online contributors to this forum, that may be particularly appealing.

You can find a bunch a unedited/unmodified runs at a variety of police lasers with these products in combination as well as infrared videos at the following youtube site: Veil Guy YouTube Channel

Hope this helps you.

Please let us know how this turned out for you.

Veil Guy

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