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hi there. thx for the prompt response.
i have a silver grandcherokee. 90% of the time i drive within the city, dont even use any highway. im in TX. however, once in 2-3 weeks i drive to 3 hr away city, and on the way there some small towns where cops are like thirsty vampires.
so the probability (or 85% of the time) doe not mean mch. you can do it right 99 times, on100th time you go above the limit and they may get you : (

my defensive driving and all are used. i dont wanna get another ticket, as i feel stupid. i dont drive too fast but 80 is ok, max is 70 in TX highways. however, my last 2 speeding tickets were both at 100mph. and i'd think on an empty road that's a very convenient speed. but ...

acc to the list i have seen on the web TX is listed among the states that radar, laser is legal.
im also a little speeding in the city but lights keep me slow fortunately. if have a radar, and if cops are fooling around their radar ON, i's like to be aware of their existence. knowledge is power : )

my most recent tickets are b.c of trying to beat the redlight and getting caught in the traffic cameras after midnight, coming home from local bars. drunk driving is not a problem though, as i drink 2-3 minutes away from home and i'm under control.

acc to what i understand 9500ix on top of a bunch of stuff, has some laser awareness, however, you never have neough time to slowdown once laser is shot.. m25 seems to be popular. but when i see the youtube videos, most users are like in a spaceship cockpit, and like race car drivers. im not like that and it would not be very convenient for me to have that many lights, switches, sounds flying around..

also i was considering to get the photoblocker spray for the plates for those camera lights. 9500ix camera warning would not do much good, as i already know 95% of the lights around my apartment have camera, it's downtown...
what would you think of the spray?..

thanks again man.

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