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Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post

What I can tell you - by *MY* ears - is that yes, the GPS-Mirror's voice seems to offer a little less "depth" than that of the 9500i, but I think that this may be both volume-related as well as positional...not to mention just individual personal-perception variance.
I was thinking it might be something to do with the thin housing of the "mirror." This shape might not be as effective as a 'speaker cabinet' so to speak than the conventional box shape of 9500ix as well as limitation of the size and the shape of the speaker itself.

Also I haven't actually seen or handled the Cheetah Mirror unit itself but could it possibly be the quality of speaker and the construction of the unit?

Anyhow it's pretty important, i.e., sound quality and the non-irritability of it since I'll have to put up with it daily.... but if I'm wrong about this I'd rather save $$$ and get the Cheetah as I can use it in Europe as well if I am there... as well as save on the cost of the database subscription.

Btw thx for the response.
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