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Any of the Escort/Bel products capable of supporting co-function with the ZR4 Laser Shifter (and unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with the *entire* family line-up of both of these sister companies to be of good service here - I would recommend that you speak directly to Bel or Escort personnel, if their websites do not offer sufficient insight into this concern), called "Integration," can indeed selectively shut-down the jammer during an actual encounter. This includes many of their stand-alone, in-vehicle detectors, such as the 9500i, 9500ix and 8500x50 (my lack of intimate familiarity with the Bel line-up makes me reluctant to say more, of their products, and I hope you understand that this is a limitation of my ignorance, not of their products).

The scenario would be as-follows:

- Jammer/detector on, at vehicle start-up.
- LIDAR encounter.
- Jammer/detector alerts and jams.
- User selectively shuts-down the jammer (while still retaining detection).

The 9500ci, as-delivered, actually has the ZR4s in "Receive Only" mode. This is to facilitate sales of the product in jammer-banned areas of the country. The end-user needs to enable "Shifting" (what Escort calls "jamming") of the 9500ci, upon initial start-up.

Currently, the Escort products capable of supporting the ZR4 can also be, either via hardware manipulation (various buttons) or via Escort's Detector Tools software interface, be adjusted for this function (i.e. "Shift" enabled, "Receive Only," or "Shifters Off").

If you pair the ZR4 with the Bel STi-R, I *_BELIEVE_* (again, my lack of intimate knowledge of the Bel products is a handicap, here, and I apologize) that you will have to retain the ZR4's own control module, and button-press it (or its remote) in order to either mute the audible alert and/or shut-down the jammer output, whereas with the 9500ci, the switchgear is "integrated."

With the ZR4-compatible Escort stand-alone, in-vehicle detectors, such as the 9500i or ix, the ZR4 comes with an extra cable that allows the detector to physically "Link" with the ZR4 unit, and with the use of a supplemental (included in-purchase of the ZR4) specialized remote mute/control button, both control the detector's muting functions, as well as the jammer's output.

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