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fastfist -

Shelton has provided an incredibly thorough as well as well-thought-out "primer" for you above. I really think that you'd do well to read and re-read his post a couple of times.

In terms of where I stand, I would advise you to first set a reasonable budget. Although it truly is often desireable to spend the big-bucks and get one of the "top-flight" radar detectors out there, this is not an absolute "need" - and most drivers will get just as much protection from even "second-tier" products. But if you do have the dough, I'd urge considering (in no particular order):

Valentine1 - particularly if you're not averse to hitting the mute button and otherwise interacting with your detector, and also if you travel or live upon open-highway scenarios or live in a more rural area; "detector desensitivity" becomes a risk, and you will, by definition, have to be the final-filter.

Escort 9500ix - especially if you live in a densely urban area and desire a "quieter" detector, along with the need for a red-light and/or speed-camera advance-warning; in terms of shortcomings, you will trade-off a bit of situational awareness as compared to the V1, and also perhaps just a little absolute raw sensitivity.

Bel STi-Driver - if you live in a detector-banned area, this is the only stand-alone, in-vehicle detector that is fully cloaked, and so, it's thus, the default and only choice; no cons, really, except for the fact that aside from this particular needed feature, it's not all that filled with frills - think of it as a purpose-built machine.

And if you have the really, really big bucks, and wish for a fully-integrated and near-invisible (visually) system, the Escort 9500ci or the Bel STi-R would be the way to go.

In terms of laser jammers, you'd do well to take a step back, get some coffee and grab a snack, and sit down to a few night's worth of background reading. Yes, there's a lot of hype and a lot of chest-thumping, but what it will come down to, in the end, is the need to find *YOU* a jammer that works for *YOUR* specific needs, based on your personal preferences, and also one that fits within your budget.

To make your life somewhat easier, I currently recommend only the following products (again, listed in no particular order):

Escort ZR4 - for seamless integration into Escort and Bel products and the distinct capability to denote front versus rear attacks, and in being the only jammer that can selectively be turned into a receiver only, for travel through or use in jammer-banned areas, should the end-user wish to abide by such; in terms of negatives, it is undeniable that its performance is not top-shelf, and will require the use of passive protective measures to synergize.

Laser Interceptor - undeniably "the king of the hill," when it comes to jammer performance, with a so-far "perfect" customer-service record in its current North American distributor; a potential problem exists in that no-one really knows of the unit's long-term durability/reliability, since it is so young (this can, however, also be said of the current iterations of both the Escort and Blinder products) and more concerning, the fact that this LI is a very "young" company, in an industry where upstarts do tend to come-and-go, seemingly at-whim.

Blinder - the 5-suffix (M25, 35, and 45 units), J16, has proven itself very formidable in terms of performance, easily eclipsing that of its fellow LED-based competition, and when more heads are used, comes close to the protection offered by the laser-diode based units...and to this, you can add a proven long-term presence in the community and industry, along with a rock-solid customer-service base that's come to, over the years, really be appreciated by even the enthusiast-base; negatives? potential extreme long-range and extreme short-range burn-throughs, as well as, if you use more heads, the need for more "suitable real-estate" on your vehicle to mount the heads.

Why am I limiting my recommendation, of LIDAR jammers, to only these three products?

Because these three are, so-far, the *only* products that offer proven performance against the LTI TruSpeed, which has emerged, over the course of the past half-year, to be *the* up-and-coming threat.

The LPP, AL G8 (and even its evolutionary replacement, the G9), PASS, and LaserStar all offer *no* protection against this new device, which has already seen to have permeated select US markets, and will likely soon become even more popular than that.

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