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^ That's excellent advice.

Start backwards - set a budget (and note if your budget is flexible, and by how much you can "flex"), determine what kind of protection you're looking for, and whether or not you are willing to undertake passive protective measures (and to what extent you are willing to compromise to pursue such).

The technical questions are easy. Facts answer those.

It's your personal preferences and your unique needs that becomes the harder match, and is typically also the cause of more confusion - as well as sleepless nights, as you debate over the pros and cons.

But alas, that second part, no-one can really help you with. You simply have to make the decision, yourself. Being a reasoning adult, sucks - you have no-one but yourself to blame for the mistakes you make.

I'd much rather be a toddler!

My daughter says that we "boss her around" all the time, but heck, she's got all her important life-decisions taken care of!

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