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Default Newcomer is feeling overwhelmed and needs a starting point.

I am not sure if this is in the correct forum or not so please advise if I need to move or whatever.

I am new to the whole field and am finding some great information, thank you to all for your posts.

This radar/laser/jammer/etc/etc. field seems pretty intense for a newbie. I was wondering if some people could assist in a starting guide to what one would need to produce a good overall protection system w/out breaking the bank which seems pretty easy to do if one does not know all the details and efficiencies.

I know that a radar/laser detector would be first. Are there devices that do this and jam and have detector/detectors too? Or what does one need to look for for overall coverage. This would be my first step.

Next I see veil and other protection systems to limit the amount of vulnerability. I understand that aspect but it seems personal preference takes a pretty high priority in these fields. Is there a comparison list of different products and what there purposes are? I think this might be a good topic to help newcomers such as myself, to get a starting point in this field.

Thanks all and again I apologize if this is covered somewhere but I just did not see.
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