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I respect what your are saying, but in the reliability department I believe Veil guy says it best when he said this:

IMO, you left the most important aspect of laser jamming performance: RELIABILITY.

If your laser jammer doesn't last in the field because it is either poorly engineered and/or overdriven then its performance (when it works) really doesn't matter and, in fact, you may be putting yourself at risk (especially if the laser jammer doesn't provide adequate diagnostic feedback during power-up).

I have heard far too may complaints from users of laser diode jammers to risk using them myself and again, IMO, any theoretical performance advantage is largely offset by using an LED-based laser jammer with Veil.

That's why I stick the three majors: Beltronics, Escort, Blinder, because I know they will continue to operate reliably in the field after their install.

The added bonus is these cool operating laser jammers cost a fraction of their more expensive laser-diode counterparts.

There has been only one laser-diode jammer that, I believe, has proven the test of time and that is the Lidatek LE-10. Unfortunately its been out of production for some time...



About the ZR4/9500ci, yes that is a very nice feature, indeed, and I believe you are correct, the Blinders do not have the ability (to receive only).

Veil Guy

TSi+WRX has really no creditability when it comes to these discussions on jammer reliability. Considering the fact that is all about the LI and LPP, which have shown horrible reliability over the years. Diodes just can't live up to the overall durability that the Blinder and escort have. Yes the Diodes jam really good, but most customers don't want a unit that after 3-6 months is already having issues. Really when it comes down to it the Blinder and escort are the Honda's of reliability compared to the LI's and LPP's of the Ford reliability. What customers want is a low priced jammer, with good jamming performance and reliability. The LI's and LPP's just don't stack up in the reliability or price category. If you can show me a Diode jammer that has made it 9 years without having any serious issues, and can still jam most of the laser guns today, then I challenge you!! The only jammer I have heard of after 9 years is the old Blinder M-10. The LED technology has proven to be better all around in each department. Price, reliability, and performance!!

Originally Posted by TSi+WRX View Post
On the note of durability/reliability -

I do not think that it is fair, at all, to say that any of the laser-diode (CLED) based jammers are far-inferior to their LED-based counterparts (specifically, the Blinder and Escort products), in terms of overall durability/reliability, particularly given the current "state-of-existence" of the comparable LED products.

Although both Blinder and Escort have racked up what can only be said to be the most impressive miles-on-road and years-on-road data, when it comes to overall durability/reliability, neither are perfect, and evidence of this exists aplenty on the "older" community discussion Forums, such as, and also are logged in the memories of those who have been in this hobby for some time.

The Escort ZR3, for example, saw its first failures nearly a year after the product was initially introduced - and it was through this hard-won experience that Escort's reliability/durability parameters were revamped.

Yet, still, on, after the initial introduction of the current ZR4, it only took weeks - and in some cases, just days - for several members to have encountered weathersealing problems of not only the forward heads, but also even of the rear.

Obviously, although Escort's had much experience in this matter - but while their previous experience did help guide them, it could not insure that a revamped hardware design would not cause such issues, and it is clear from the experience of those early-adopters that this is well the case.

Even now, we need to remember that the new ZR4 has seen less time-on-road than even the replacement batch of LI heads, claimed as a part of their warranty services (to add to this example, one needs to be reminded that we did not see issues with the LI's initial-US-batch [ver. 8.0 heads] until well after MONTHS of use, in-comparison to the same rash of issues with the ZR4, after only weeks). Furthermore, that the ZR4, in comparison to the current-iteration LPP, now stands well beyond a year, in trailing availability of durability/reliability data.

In terms of the Blinder, much the same, again, can be said about its undeniably impressive durability/reliability record. It is likely the most widespread of the "enthusiast" level LED-based jammers (discounting the Escort and K40, both on the basis that they are oftentimes either marketed as a dealer-add-on at higher-end auto dealers, as well as sometimes "given away" in that same respect), and to the best of my knowledge, few, if any complaints, are ever lodged against the old 0-suffix (M40/30/20) units, in greater autodom, with only occasional claims submitted against them in the speed-detections countermeasures community.

Nevertheless, while such extraordinarily positive data exists for the older Blinder products, claims against the new 5-suffix units (M45/35/25) are not unknown. I was, myself, rather shocked to hear of such issues, but as you can well see from (ref: Radar Detector Reviews & Radar Detectors Review Forum & Test - View Single Post - CONSUMER ALERT!! Laser Star officially sucks balls ), this is not something that can be ignored, again, particularly of such a "new" unit.

Currently - speaking solely of jammers that are bought NEW, retail - the LPP has been on-road the longest, and truly maintains the best durability/reliability record.

The new ZR4 trails both the 5-suffix (M45/35/25) Blinders (and to this, I should add, that there's even less known of the J16s, due to their even younger age and the fact that the critical jamming LEDs have been updated) as well as the Laser Interceptor by a wide margin, when it comes to their time-on-road and miles-on-road.

Yes, past history should be examined, when we're talking about durability and reliability, but a more accurate of the PRESENT circumstances should also be dissected, in-detail.


That all-said.....

Please do not read my statements above, regarding durability/reliability, as some kind of "push" for you to go that way, vschuel.

I was only examining that particular issue (durability/reliability), in the above presentation.

Currently, I do *NOT* see the current-generation LPP as a viable jammer - particularly in your area and proposed areas of travel - due to the inability of this unit to protect against the LTI TruSpeed.

My recommendation would be either to go with the Blinder M25 (or M35), J16 - or, alternatively, the LI (dual), 7.06.

And honestly, given your vehicle, the ZR4 should do well, too. However, given its early weathersealing issues, I'd shy away from this product, at least for the moment-being, until at least it reaches its anniversary date.

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