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Default How true this is!


Is very correct in his observations of lidar. It is best if you can find someone with a laser gun to test these theories. Rear shots are becoming more and more lately. Color of the vehicle has alot to do with it. Placement is very important as well as leveling your heads. This can effect your performance dramatically.

Originally Posted by SheltonJ View Post
The color of your car should make it more difficult than average to get a reading from it. The veil application looks like it will help quite a bit.
You may find it helpful if you can find someone to help you test your vehicle. Looking through the HUD on a LIDAR gun is very educational. You will learn that though effective, the gun doesn't always give a reading right away. The color and shape of the car makes a big difference. You will also learn at what range your car typically becomes vulnerable.
How do they handle things if they find a jammer in Canada?
I agree with the comments above that the proper discipline is to de-activate the jammer as soon as you can.
Are laser detectors legal in Canada? If they aren't, you may need to work on dropping speed quickly without looking like you suddenly stood on the brakes.
Going back to the testing issue, it has been my experience that the quality of the installation and the accuracy of the leveling and aiming of the heads is absolutely paramount. A poorly mounted jammer will barely work, even if it is one of the best models. A perfectly mounted jammer will provide you a reasonable degree of protection even if it isn't one of the types known for JTG performance. What you are looking for is reasonable protection, since in Canada you don't want to JTG if you can help it.
The other thing to consider is the rear of the vehicle. Down here (in Georgia) all LIDAR was being done from the front, but recently they seem to have started to shoot people in the back as they pass. The guns don't seem to care and are happy to operate either way. Most cars are considerably easier to paint from the rear, since they are less aerodynamic from the back. A good jammer can tremendously even things up for you in that area.

Again, if you can arrange it, getting someone with a LIDAR to help you test your setup will provide you with the understanding of how your car interacts with LIDAR and what the guns can and can't do. If possible you should use the kind of LIDAR that is prevalent in your area, since there are differences between guns.

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