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The "red dot" areas should do well.

As for evoking "the evil eye" from enforcers, should you jam them "to/from gun?"

Yes, that's always a possibility, particularly if you're actually speeding, when you pass their physical location - but honestly, they've probably seen it happen more than a few times before, even of vehicles with no countermeasures to speak of, as current LIDAR instrumentation is far from perfect.

But honestly, you should practice, practice, and practice - as well as set your system's interior controls up in such a manner - that would allow you to nearly always be able to deactivate the device in-time, to prevent such suspicions from even arising.

While the device being unable to lock, at-all, to a targeted vehicle is not unheard of, it is definitely more rare than an extended lock-time. Thus, it's simply best-tactics to use these devices properly, and execute tactical disengagement as soon as physically possible.

That, though, is Stateside, in areas where jammer usage is not, outright, illegal.

In Canada, you'll need to use even more discretion.

Currently, even the Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser III will throw plenty of spurious error-codes. As-such, an enforcer, even using this tool, will still disregard such concerns.

But don't give them a chance to raise their eyebrows.

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