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Default Personal Navigation Devices as GPS Detectors

I recently upgraded my Garmin Nuvi 360 to the latest software and noticed on their website links to other POI (Points of Interest) database sites.

Several of these sites provide custom POIs for import into a variety of personal navigation devices (PNDs).

Lo and behold, there are at least two sites providing GPS coords for photo enforcement locations. I was able to quickly import the files (.CSV format) into my Nuvi and I took it for a test drive through DE, MD, and VA.

While the system notified me of the locations that I encountered with a relative degree of accuracy, I found the warnings from my Cheetah C100 (and Cheetah GPS Mirror) to be more precise (and of higher quality).

Nonetheless, for those who already own a PND and who are interested in achieving a rudimentary level of protection without additional equipment, this approach may be an acceptable low-or-no-cost alternative.Veil Guy

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