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Scott I do not consider a PM sacred and “Top-secret” especially since you are a Blinder rep and you did not say this was in a anyway privileged information. I did not have your e-mail address so I went with a PM. I also do not see a need for any of this to be a secret. You stated to me that the LI in the GOL test was “juiced”. I do not know what that means. You also said you were told not to say any more about it. Why not? I would expect this forum to be one where anyone can bring value to the flow of valid information concerning laser jammers. If you have a claim simply substantiate it. I initially wrote to you because I am looking for unbiased opinions from those that supposedly are experts in the field. I have never disputed that Blinder was a great product simply that the LI seemed superior, at least in the GOL testing.
What I am looking for is validated information to help me with my decision.
So, what exactly does “juiced” mean?
I thought the whole idea of this website was to get away from bogus claims, slander and undocumented innuendo.

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