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Thank you for the very comprehensive reply. I am not an expert on these jammers but very much depend on the experts like you to help me decide what would be the best application for my vehicle.
In trying to decide what to replace my SRX with I started a private discussion with Stegal1000.

Here is the part referencing the "juiced" comment by Stegal1000:
Re: Blinder rear test

GOL's testing is not independent when you have a Rep from LI doing installs and shooting at jammers at the test. I cannot say anything further on the Juiced LI. I was told to keep quite and will not say anything further on that. My suggestion for you is to buy the LI and find these things out for yourself. If you start having any problems with it, then go back to the escort or blinder. Sometimes we as consumers have to find these things out for ourselves. Good luck with your purchase, I hope which ever unit you choose performs like you want it to.




It amazes me that when you have a private conversation with someone through a e-mail that you post that persons private conversation out on the forum. This is really childish and unprofessional. Actually its something that those guys over at would do. So I have a solution to your problem, Please go buy the LI as I suggested before. When you start having problems with it write a private e-mail to TSI-WRX so he can tell you how great of a product the LI is after you have taken the product off your car more than once for either a burned out head or bad Control box. Then write a private message back to me so I can Laugh at you!! Walt I gave you a honest answer and you have broken a trust with me on posting something private between two adults. Please take TSI-WRX with you back over to This forum is not for people who go around starting DRAMA. By the way I stand by my e-mail I wrote to you above. It is you that has to find out for yourself in purchasing a Laser Jammer what is right for you.
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