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Default Ohio - Aerial VASCAR, Ohio State Highway Patrol

For anyone who either lives or travels through Ohio - the latter particularly on high-travel days, consider yourselves warned.

Aerial VASCAR is in-practice.

OH - Police nail speeders from sky - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

What does a VASCAR/pacing marker look like? - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

There was even an extended feature on the Ohio State Highway Patrol and its use of airborne VASCAR enforcement in the April, 2007 issue of Car and Driver magazine (article by John Phillips, pages 84 through 90, "Flying Fuzz: Busted from Cloud Nine").

It's no joke.

In Ohio, I've seen both bands crossing the actual highway/roadway, as well as simply markings on the shoulders.

Either may or may not be "fresh" - and the ones on the shoulders, when they're degraded, are rather hard to see from the roadway, as a driver, particularly if you drive a low-slung vehicle.

Keep on the lookout.

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