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From the "Radar bands by town" thread (OP: kpatz of
Radar Bands by Town - updated 7/15/08 - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

Ohio (thanks, bearcat, StlouisX50, Sethy, jtslmn720, and 4DRDUBBIN)

Adams County: Instant On X,Instant On K, Ultralite Hwy 32
Beavercreek: Laser, X
Brown County: Instant on X,Instant On K, Ultralite Hwy 32
Centerville: Laser, KA
Cincinnati: KA, K, Laser[Ultralyte]
Clearcreek: KA, X, K, Laser
Clermont County: Instant On Ka, Instant on X, Instant on K, PL III, Ultralite Hwy 32
Cleveland - Beachwood Township: Ka constant
Cleveland - Highland Hills: Ka C/O, K C/O and I/O, Laser (@ TriC campus--Richmond & Harvard)
Cleveland - Lindale Township (off I-71): Ka constant [Big speed trap along I-71, shut down to PSL for this little stretch.]
Cleveland - Orange Township: Ka C/O and I/O (35.5, 34.7, and 33.8), Laser; note that they'll typically have a K-band drone out for appx. one to two weeks before they selectively enforce that same stretch of roadway
Cleveland - Shaker Heights: Ka, K C/O & I/O, Laser (LTI 20/20, possibly UL), please add "K I/O" to current threat list.
Cleveland - Warrensville Heights: Ka
Cleveland - Woodmere Village: Ka constant [All of Woodmere Village is a speed-trap, just shut it down to PSL.]
Cleveland (city): K, Ka, Laser
Cleveland Heights: K C/O & IO, Ka I/O, (possible) POP [All of Cleveland Heights is a speed-trap, just shut it down to PSL.]
Copley: Laser
Dayton: K, KA, X
Fairborn: X, KA
Fairview Park: Laser [See North Olmstead entry below.]
Grandview Heights: Laser [PLIII, LTI]
Hamlton: K, KA
Miamisburg: K, KA
Middletown: K
Moreland Hills: Laser
North Olmstead: Laser [Recommend shutting down to PSL on I-480 near Grayton underpass.]
Parma - Ka-constant
Richfield/Bath: K, Ka (BEE III, possible POP), Laser [Stalker]
Russell: Laser
Springboro: K, KA
Springdale: Laser
Washington Township: Laser
Williams County: Laser
Winchester: As soon as you hit the boarder of Adams they use Instant On K from a small town on 32 Hwy



Ohio State Highway Patrol not only utilizes LIDAR, but also will utilize X-band (yes, that's right, X-band, that is NOT a typo), even so far as to do so in an "instant-on" fashion.

Aerial VASCAR enforcement is also routine (will link further post at later date).



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