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Default Intimidation is not limited to this event

An automotive journalist friend of my was forcibly ejected from a "community outreach" event—in the name of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's unconstitutional fascist money grab program after supporters (ie; corrupted law enforcement departments, the red light camera industry's for-hire lobbyists, and an unholy alliance of Napolitano's administration)—from a public place of gathering (a public hotel) with the threat of incarceration.

These folk are not about safety, they're about sheer greed (and power), plain and simple.

Anyone paying attention to the recent events of the last several days knows where unbridled greed ends-up...

Remember the sage advice of Edmund Burke:

All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

It's an election year. Vote supporters of these civil-rights-abusing-for-profit dehumanized heavy-handed enforcement tactics, OUT OF OFFICE!

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