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I am in the market for a 4 head jammer system to put on my 997 C4S and was leaning towards the LI since it did so well in the GOL testing. Steagal says to avoid it though since the LI was "juiced" in the testing as well as that they have serious reliability problems. He also said the Blinder did not have any issues with the Ultralyte, however in the GOL test it appears to have had burn through anywhere from 500-1000 feet. Although I am not a JTG worrier, the 1,000 foot range burn through is a problem for me.
My plan is to put 3 heads in the front and one in the rear.
Not going to Veil. Sorry VG, just not going to darken my headlights.

Any suggestions as to which way to go? Not concerned with the money aspect but the true performance it critical to me.

Also, isn't the LI software upgradable? My understanding is the next version of the blinder may be also. Having the ability to update to address new guns like the Truespeed would be a great feature.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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