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Default Where does a car stop at a red light?

As is the case in many red light tickets, some cars are in the intersection as a light turns red. Most red lights have a White stripe painted on the road to tell a car where to stop on a red light. If you are past that line on the road (painted line in question is 10-12 feet from intersection) and that is where you are to stop at a red light, how can a ticket be issued if your past it on a yellow light and it turns red in the intersection.
I read that there was a court case that went pretty high in the judicial system that was upheld by the courts that it is impossible to stop at the point indicated on the road if the car is past that point and the light has not turned red.
Any help on statute.
Thanks again for the insight.

PS. Is there a web banner for "speedtraphunter" that can be used on our websites as a link back to this site?
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