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Small, portable, comes with windscreen bracket or dash-pad.

Has all the exact same features of the GPSmirror plus with the benefits of a smaller form factor.

MSRP is $249 which includes a lifetime subscription package for Trinity database updates, a $100 value.

That's actually an important point that a lot of people dont grasp initially when they look at GPS detectors. Unlike Radar Detectors where all you have the purchase cost of the detector, with GPS detectors you are buying two things, a product and a service, to keep you updated on the cameras.

It's a bit like buying a television. You've got the initial outlay for the purchase price of the flat screen, but without the cable subscription you miss out on a lot of the best shows. In our experience most people dislike subscription charges so we include a lifetime subscription package in the purchase price so you know from day 1 there are no hidden surprises.

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