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Default Let Washington Know that You Don't Support Another National Speed Limit

With the long-absence of an effective strategic national energy policy and in another weak attempt to put ineffective band-aids on our nation's energy "crisis" as being manufactured by the politicians and "promoted" by the 'drive-by' media in an election year, some are supporting the notion of another nationally imposed speed limit (some of the same ones that supported tax-incentives to purchase gas-guzzling SUVs and pick-ups just several years ago!!!)

The suggestion that we need another ridiculous federally mandated national speed limit is a notion that is being supported/considered by some on both sides of the aisle. (I can already hear the same all tired line again: 55 saves lives).

I will list US Senators and Congressmen and women who support another political stunt.

Please consider sending them a message that you won't support them if they continue to push this ill-conceived agenda.Message to the politicians and main-stream media: the US is finally experiencing globally competitive petrol prices (as our friends abroad have been for a very long time, indeed). Learn to deal with it and stop whining (and start drilling or come up with innovative fuel alternatives). I still see an exorbitant amount of gas-guzzling SUVs and AWD vehicles on the road (oftentimes parked in the left-lane!)


And, make your voice heard (at the polls) and by taking our National Speed Limit Poll

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