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Dear Haymondsridgerunner:

Unlike some, I test radar detectors grouped by price. For comparison purposes occasionally a proven performer like the V1 or Escort Passport 8500 X50 is used as a benchmark.

I’m a bit surprised you failed to notice that the text of the BELtronics STi Driver vs. Valentine One story carried this prominent mention:

“The first contender was the Valentine One, base-priced at $399 plus shipping. Fitted with optional accessories to match some of the features standard on its competitor, the $449.95 BEL STi Driver, it can cost up to $540.

Until the arrival of the STi Driver in 2006 the Valentine One was the only dash-mount model in this over-$400 segment.

Translation: I ranked the BEL STi Driver as the world’s best over-$400 radar detector. (The V1 in that test was fitted with two options to bring it somewhat into parity with features standard on the BEL: remote display ($39) and carrying case ($29). Total: $467 plus shipping.

And don’t get too worked up about story dates. My Webmaster set the story-date window to reflect the date of the last change made to a story. Even correcting a misplaced comma automatically generates a date coinciding with that change. The BEL vs. Escort vs. Valentine story was published in 2005.

Take a Valium and try to get some rest.


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