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Default I don't think So!


I'm sure your a great guy and tester, but the V1 has always had better sensitivity than the escort or should I say Belscorts. I think you also need to make it known that you are also on beltronics payroll. You have never had a valentineOne ever out perform any bel or escort since you have been testing on your website. Thats alittle fishy to me. GOL, speedzones, motortrend and car&driver have shown results that from the intro of the V1 in 1992, it has always outperformed Bel/escort. Look at how sensitive the V1's laser detection is compared to the escort. The V1 is the only laser detector that has proven over and over again it can give you time to slow down if a officer is shooting across traffic with lidar."better known as laser scatter" So after reading your results, i'm going to disagree that this escort 9500i is better than the V1. Here are some true testing results from independent testers. These guys are not being paid by escort to make their product look better on paper!!

Guys of LIDAR - Radar Detector Test - August 2007

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