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Default Beltronics RX55

Welcome bcbrookston,

I (am a little embarrassed to) say that of all the radar detectors I have driven with in the real-world over the years--and that list is very considerable--the Beltronics RX55 is one radar detector that I have not actually had the pleasure of driving with (yet).

...Sounds like I just got another "assignment" and I'll include it one of the next series of drives that I'll take and let you know.

I would hope to see that if it shares a similar platform to the venerable Beltronics RX65 Pro (perhaps with a slightly "decontented" feature-set) then I would expect that you would be quite happy with it. (I am afraid that is the best that I can do, at this time).

Again, welcome to our friendly online community, it's good to have you on board!

Veil Guy

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