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Default How to properly identify red light/speed-on-green cameras

As I have been conducting my realworld tests of radar detectors of late, I have noticed what may be the beginnings of a greater deployment of automated traffic enforcement technology of red light camera and/or speed-on-green systems at intersections in and around the greater Philadelphia region.

Last week, I came across what looked like three such red light camera systems at intersections at Swedesboro and Deptford New Jersey (by the Deptford Mall).

I have also seen these kinds of systems quite often in the state of Virginia on some main roads.

Yesterday, I noticed some sort of camera/video survellience system at a couple of intersections at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. And while I don't believe these particular systems are, in fact, red light cameras, I got to thinking as to how one can correctly identify these systems.

My understanding is that there are only a coupld of manufacturers actually producing this technology so it should be fairly easy to identify them (and track them) provided one knows what to look for.

I have included some pictures of the ones I came across in K of P...

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