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Default Blinder M25 J15/M45 J15 vs. Lasermask Laser Jammer Tests


With all due respect to SML, I would take any such claim of absolute percentage of performance capability with a huge grain of salt.


Simple. SML's tests of laser jammers consist of ONE trigger pull at 1000 feet and ONE trigger pull at 500 feet, to determine their numbers.

IMHO, I believe laser jammer tests, like those conducted by the Guys of Lidar, are a much more accurate guage as to the actual capabilities of laser countermeasures.

The most descriptive and informative laser jammer tests, will demonstrate long-distance punchthrus as well as close-range punchthrus (on both the headlights and center mass) against a host of police lasers.

Anything short of that only serves to minimize the differences that exist.

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