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This just happened a month ago.

I was going down 185 to columbus at about 11:00 pm. Not really speeding that much, maybe 10 mph over the speed limit, when my V1 (valentineone) gave me a beep and one arrow forward. The signal was weak but was still setting off my radar detector. Not thinking much about it I kept it at 80 mph when all of the sudden; my V1 gives me Ka band very strong just ahead. So I slow down, when out of the corner of my eye, there he sits a blacked out unmarked cop in the median. By this time I had slowed to 70 and just as I past him another Ka band at "Instant-On" hit me. V1 is pointing to the right >> when I see another cop unmarked in the woods just off the road. I could not see him until I was on him. Lucky for me, I did not speed up after passing the first officer. It was a very clever radar trap. Basically the officer in the woods was waiting for me to speed up after passing his fellow officer. My V1 saved my ass once again. Remember at night without the "arrows" your doomed!!!!

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