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Default Laser Trap 8/26/07

Check this out.
I got hit from over 1800 ft. out, the officer never let off.
The M-25 mounted on a 92 SC -400 Lexus with Veil on the headlights jammed the New Stalker just Purchased by Palm Beach County Sheriff Office.
I was first car off the light in the left lane.
The officer standing, leaning against the light pole started shooting and never let off.
The Blinder M-25 rang all the way through.
I watched him look at my car and go right to shooting the next car coming.
By the time I had circled back around he had someone pulled into the parking lot.
I hung out for almost an hour watching one officer shooting and then writing the ticket.
This quickly turned to four officers total, one shooting and three writing very quickly.
Those ticket average $185 without any additional speed, the trap is the speed changes to 35 at that spot in the road.
That's wrong!
Blinder Dude
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