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Default Interesting test :)


You must look at the positives versus the negatives. First from what I see the mimic did well from long distance. Basically at 1000 feet you had time to slow down. Now at 500 feet yes this might have been a problem. In my opinion a jammer is suppose to give you time to slow down to the speed limit. If it can do that, no matter which jammer you test then it has done its job. I would like to see you guys put this 4 head jammer on a white van or SUV and do the same test. No veil or laser shield. Just the mimic. Since I will be getting my new Ultralyte LR this week, I will be testing many different jammers, such as K40 EX2, LI, Blinder, ZR4. This will be in late June. I can't wait to test with this new Ultralyte. Nice video and I love the civic. Thats all I drive now is Honda's.

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