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Default Testing

Veil Guy,

The Blinder from what I know is alittle more powerful, and has a better LED than the previous M25. The Reason being was the Laser guns over in europe like the traffic Patrol XR have much more power to them than the US laser guns. So Blinder made the new revision stronger. Atleast thats what I was told. My friend just purchased a three head for his SUV. We will be testing it as soon as my gun comes in. I'm curious to see the difference between my Blinder M-35 and his new Blinder M-35. As for the K40, I have a friend who purchased the K40 calibre Dufuser EX2. I want to see how well it works. I have seen footage of radar Roys test of the new Escort ZR4. It seems to do very well against the stalker LZ1. It looks like the Blinder has some competition. Escort and Blinder both make a exceptional Jammers, both in quality and in performance. Hats off to Leon of blinder and escort
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