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Default 4 Head Laser Mimic Videos

Guys I wanted to share my 4 head Laser Mimic results after all of the hype the goons made of this jammer. I got a hold of two dual head units (I wanted an equivalent to a Blinder M40). Now keep in mind that in the past I have had many jammers fail to fully protect my Civic Blinder M30, AL G8, Lidatek LE30, and Escort ZR3). When I say fail I mean PT's above 200'. The ONLY combo that I have had GREAT success in the past was the combo dual head AL G8 and a ZR3 with ALL ZR3 three heads up front and dual AL heads up front and all passive counter measures which gave me JTG. Well we took many runs vs a 4 head Laser Mimic, you know the ones the goons pushed hard and promoted for years, making it out to be the best thing since sliced bread, and I got nasty results. On headlight shots I got average PT's of about 450' and on center mass shots I got about 150' PT's. Now you have to remember I have Laser Veil on my headlights, Laser Shield, and every other passive counter measure available to the civilian public and these Mimics fell flat on their face. Here are the videos of three runs and pics of my setup. Keep in mind that we took many runs but only recorded three since results were consistent. We used the LTI LRB and my base runs were about 970'. Thanks Team Goons for leading me to punchthroughvation or punchthroughnitus

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