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Thumbs up Blinder M30 series on Black mercedes

We got the chance to test a older Blinder series jammer on a black mercedes benz E300. This was originally a blinder M-40, but one of the heads got damaged so we tested a 3 head instead. Towards the end of this video we did around the curve shots at 280 feet both at center mass and head light shots. We covered up the middle head, to test this as a Blinder
M-20. The Black mercedes had the older series Blinder and the white honda accord had the new series Blinder. Both performed very well.

Special thanks to "JayKog" for video taping the test, also I would like to give thanks to Mr. Hall "Hallsound" for supplying the Blinder M30 for the test. Looks like the older Blinder series still get the Job done!! Sorry about my phone going off. I guess they will call back.

YouTube - Blinder M-30 on Black Mercedes Benz

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