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Talking Hybrids worth their weight in gold!

The toyota prius is now the hottest car on the market, due to the gas crisis. I stopped into a toyota dealership yesterday, and they only had one prius left on the lot. It only cost $911 annually in gas to have a prius. Thats at $2.80 a gallon. You do the math. Buying the prius is worth it, considering we are now close to or over $4.00 a gallon. Even if you keep the car just 3 years, at those gas prices you have more than made up the difference in price. It cost $150.00 to fill up a ford excursion at these prices. If oil keeps going up, hybrids will be the only choice to save money period. I think toyota and these japanese car makers have finally put it all together. Less time at the pump means more dollars in your pocket!!!

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