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Hello Bellumintus,

Welcome to the forum. We are the manufacturer of these anti-photo license plate covers.

Well, this is a tough question my friend.

The short answer is that we do not know if covers like the Super Protector (multi-angle anti-photo cover) are legal in the part of KY you live in. We can not stay on top of the legality situation, since it is impossible for us to do so. This is lawyer stuff.

The long answer is that legality can vary from city to city, and county to county. Legality does vary state to state. And it can change through time.

If you are seriously concerned about legality, you would need to check your local motor vehicle codes, usually supplied by the local motor vehicle branch. This is sometimes quite difficult to do.

I can tell you that we find most people would rather take the risk of putting a cover on their car, than get another photo radar or red light camera ticket, since the latter is more likely going to happen. Plus, if you drive interstate, then checking this info is almost impossible to do, due to possibly changing regulations on route.

No point in asking the cops, as they will always tell you that you should not put a cover on, since they want to tag you again!

No legality problems with the Laser Shield (anti laser license plate cover that goes over your front plate, for those states with a front plate). Your plate numbers remain visible with this cover from all angles.

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