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Default Reliability of a Laser Jammer is Absolutely Crucial!

Welcome Austin,

And I am sorry to hear about your experience.

Some years ago I personally met an individual from who had had a Blinder installed on his sport bike for almost two years. When it was tested again against all current laser guns at the time, it performed extremely well...meaning that it lasted and maintained its peak performance relative to the way it performed when it was first installed. I believe the same can be said for Beltronics' and Escort's laser jammers.

Since then, some "different" laser jammers have appeared within the US market that are essentially patent infringing products (with Blinder). These companies have elected to ignore this fact and attempt to market them in this market any way.

I have chosen to stick with Blinder for these reasons...Any companies willing to "cut-corners" for quick profits, in my opinion, are likely willing to cut-corners in other areas as well.

...And it appears that they may be just the case, I am afraid. I have heard a number of unusually high failure rates with these other (un-named) laser jammers.

Cool "burning" LEDs appear to be more dependable than "over-driven" laser diodes.

I honestly believe you are on the best path, Veil, a Blinder 2-head, and perhaps a Lasershield for a bike are your best and most reliable defenses.

Walt is another owner of a sport bike who participates on this forum and he too has had great success with his Blinder setup, especially on a bike.

All the best and please keep us posted on your progress!

Veil Guy

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