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  1. Police Ticket Quota?
  2. New Draconian Canadian Traffic Law Effective October 1st 2007
  3. Case pits police radar against GPS in teen's car
  4. Draconian Virginia Traffic Fines Finally get Scrapped!
  5. new technique for issuing citations
  6. Arizona to increase use..
  8. Arizona's Latest Photo Enforcement Holiday Gift
  9. More Photo Enforcement PR Masquerading as News
  10. Dec 18th Demonstration Pictures
  11. Photo Ticketing Resistance Grows Across AZ
  12. Brewer To Review Photo Enforcement
  13. Santas Join Photo Enforcement Revolt
  14. Join the Resistance
  15. A Redflex Christmas
  16. DPS Press Puff Piece Praises Cameras, not Cops
  17. Smile! You’re on CameraFRAUD.com (Part 2)
  18. This Week In FRAUD
  19. Photo Radar Ticketing Ends in Pinal County
  20. Plate Frames To Be Photo Enforced
  21. Upcoming Event: Tucson Sign Wave / Demonstration
  22. Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates
  23. CameraFRAUD Tucson Street Action Success!
  24. CameraFRAUD Press Conference Today
  25. Upcoming CameraFRAUD Event
  26. 1000 by 1/17?
  27. Odds N’ Ends
  28. East vs West Sign Wave and Demonstration
  29. Photo Camera Protest Gets Competitive
  30. Redflex and Red China: Partners in Oppression
  31. Pinal County Photo Radar Contract Cancelled
  32. Arizona House Panel OKs Ban on Speed Cameras
  33. Pinal bounces photo radar out of county
  34. A Slippery Slope…
  35. Tucson Vice Mayor doesn’t like 24/7 video
  36. MN To Refund $2.6M In Illegal Photo Tickets
  37. Maricopa County Judge: Photo Enforcement Unconstitutional
  38. Taxes, Lies and Video…”tape”
  39. Cameras to be… Terminated?
  40. “We’re taping you, 24/7.”
  42. DPS and Redflex: No Regard for Human Life
  43. CameraFRAUD Events: Feb 14 & 20
  44. All They Want To Do Is Take Your Twenty
  45. Sign Wave / Demonstration Saturday
  46. Ex Pinal County TaliVans in Redflex’s Parking Lot
  47. Why is Fairfax Lying About Red Light Cams?
  48. Gov. Jan Brewer Hates Redflex Photo Cams
  49. West Side Sign Wave
  50. Sheriff Paul Babeu on KJZZ
  51. Phoenix Red Light Camera Disappears!
  52. DPS Reports New Act of Camera Vandalism!
  53. Car Show Pictures
  54. Prescott Postpones implementing Photo Traffic Enforcement
  55. Cable Co. Billboards Target Photo Radar
  56. Montana may soon follow Mississippi’s lead
  57. Photo Radar Protests Spread Nationwide
  58. Mississippi Bans Photo Enforcement
  59. A Little Something for the “Yeah, that’ll do…” Department.
  60. MASSIVE Demonstration / Signature Collection Event!
  61. Chandler PD: Exemplary Officers
  62. ATS In Retreat Over ANPR
  63. BREAKING NEWS: County Attorney Refuses Photo Cases
  64. Redflex, ATS Flashes Endanger Motorists
  65. Why I dislike Law enforcement!!
  66. Redflex Cameras to Watch Cameras
  67. Sheriff: Photo Enforcement = “Stupid machines”
  68. DPS vs. Prof.: At Odds Over Cam Locations
  69. Thirty-five new Justice Courts…
  70. Susan Kayler Signs Petition
  72. House panel votes to end photo radar
  73. House panel votes to end photo radar
  75. In Arizona, Let the Driver Beware
  76. Prescott Valley disregards Signage Laws
  77. Are You Ready?
  78. Washington, D.C. Declares War on Drivers
  79. Close the box!
  80. VA Politicians Hide Their Support of Deadly Cams
  81. Redflex Lackey Scrambles to Save Scam
  82. Judge: Many “Not Responsible” In Photo Cases
  83. Ohio Mayor Admits Cams Are All About the Money
  84. Encanto Signature Gathering Event
  85. Louisiana City Votes ATMs Out
  86. National Capital Region Rises Up Against Cameras
  87. Tide Turning Against Automated Ticketing
  88. DHS Assumes Control of CameraFRAUD
  89. Bucketfuls of Fraud
  90. CameraFRAUD Tucson featured on Schmap
  91. Another One Bites the Dust…
  92. Rep. Arrested, Injured While Opposing Photo Radar
  93. Tempe’s “Bait and Switch” Photo Radar Statistics
  94. Deadly Red Light Cameras Return to VA
  95. Redflex Violates State Law Regarding Signage… Again!
  96. Breaking: Redflex Van Driver Shot, Killed
  97. Statewide Anti-Camera Petition Drive Begins in Maryland
  98. Red Light Cams “Adding Cash to Coffers”
  99. Ever wonder how close DPS and Redflex really are?
  100. Napolitano: “Blame Canada”
  101. Memorial Fund for Redflex Driver
  102. Tempe Redflex Cams All About the Money
  103. DPS: “Critics’ Vocalness” led to Redflex Shooting
  104. Police: Photo Radar Delays Response Times
  105. Fire Vanderpool and Warriner
  106. The Big Money
  107. Maryland GOP Gets Behind Statewide Camera Referendum
  108. They’re Back: Freeway Vans Spotted
  109. Speed Enforcement Accident
  110. The Show Must Go On…
  111. NOT BACKING DOWN: Crump Calls System Illegal
  112. City “Can’t Afford” To Pay Back Photo Radar Fines
  113. Redflex’s Latest Scam: $6k Per Intersection a Month
  114. Could they be getting the message?
  115. Major Site Updates to CameraFRAUD
  116. 2 out of 3 Redflex Flashes Worthless
  117. They’re Watching You: The Media Awakens
  118. So, You’re Driving Along One Day…
  119. Plate Recognition Spreading Like Cancer
  120. Notes from the News
  121. Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire
  122. Government that works!
  123. Plate Recognition Spreading Like Cancer
  124. Notes from the News
  125. Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire
  126. Government that works!
  127. Plate Recognition Spreading Like Cancer
  128. Notes from the News
  129. Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire
  130. Government that works!
  131. Government that works!
  132. Redflex HQ: Just Add Fire
  133. Notes from the News
  134. Plate Recognition Spreading Like Cancer
  135. All Hands On Deck!
  136. Contract Allows For Light Rail Cams
  137. Fun with DPS Public Records Requests
  138. Case Dismissed
  139. Take Action Now!
  140. The Red Light Related Accident Scam
  141. Reckless D.C. Mayor Endangers Streets of Nation’s Capital
  142. Photo Radar Worker Arrested for Child Porn
  143. CameraFRAUD Monthly Meeting
  144. The Italian Job
  145. CameraFRAUD Twitter
  146. Italy: Police Raid Speed Camera Company Caught in Fraud Scandal
  147. Cop Speaks Out Against Photo Radar
  148. Pre-4th of July Sign Wave / Demonstration
  149. The Truth About Montgomery County, Maryland Speed Cameras
  150. Redflex: Out of Gas
  151. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…
  152. DPS Veteran: “Ashamed of Agency”
  153. Ban it, Ban it Not
  155. Paradise Valley Caught In $193k Ticket Fraud
  156. Louisiana: Church Tows Redflex Scam Van
  157. Redflex Violates Contract, Gets Dumped
  158. Thank You Twitter Followers!
  159. Redflex’s Latest Invention
  160. Man Accused of Smashing Scam Van
  161. Monthly Meeting
  162. Happy 4th of July!
  163. Welcome to CameraFRAUD
  164. Rackets and Backpacks
  165. TRACKED: Calif. City to Record All Plates
  166. Who’s Reviewing Your Photo Ticket?
  167. Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant
  168. Red-Light Cams About Money, Not Safety
  169. Photo Yardwork Tickets Become Reality
  170. St. Louis Ignores Law for Profit
  171. How do you say “fraud” in German?
  172. 3,600 Photo Radar Tickets Set for Court
  173. 1 Dead, 9 Hurt in Redflex Photo Zone
  174. 3,500 Out of 3,600 Can’t Be Wrong
  175. Redflex: Under Investigation
  176. (480) 596-4613
  177. Be Nice to the HR People
  178. American Traffic Solutions’ Useless Red Light Cams
  179. Redflex Camera Attacked on AZ-51
  180. Jay Leno on Speed Cameras
  181. Gatso Exec Invokes 9/11
  182. Photo Radar and Google Search Results
  183. CameraFRAUD Meeting: Tues, Aug 11
  184. Judge: Redflex Contract Illegal
  185. Fundraiser for booth at Arizona State Fair
  186. Redflex: Crooked Company, Crooked Signs
  187. HATED: Scam Cams Attacked Worldwide
  188. “How to win over a lobbyist…”
  189. ATS, Redflex Vans Targeted for Protest
  190. Fundraiser Today
  191. Event: “CameraFRAUD Rockfest” Tomorrow
  192. CameraFRAUD Monthly Meeting
  193. Activist Targets Redflex in Chicago
  194. RED LIGHT: ATS Future Uncertain in Florida
  195. Redflex Propaganda Machine Keeps Running
  196. Constitutional Rights or Dead Women & Children?
  197. Redflex Profit In Quicksand (ASX: RDF)
  198. AZ DPS Facing $10M Cut
  199. Accidents Double Since Redflex Cams Installed
  200. ATS Goes Boldly (and illegally) Where Redflex Won’t
  201. Redflex “Procedural Manual” Obtained
  202. PhotoRadarScam Update
  203. DPS Reduces Redflex Photo Radar Vans
  204. Where Will All The Ford Escapes Go?
  205. Redflex Driver Crosses Gore, Runs Stop Sign
  206. ATS Quietly Removes Phoenix Red Light Scameras
  207. ATS Acquires Steaming Pile of Crap
  208. WANTED: “Notices of Violation”
  209. Redflex Manual Available for Download
  210. Join CameraFRAUD
  211. ATS Chief Booed During Awards
  212. DPS Doublespeak: Cameras Called “Onerous”
  213. ATS Accused of Destroying Records in Florida
  214. East vs. West Demonstration is FRIDAY
  215. DPS denies the existence of a Special Unit that tracks down Frequent Fliers.
  216. Speed Cam Money Went to Gov’t, Not Research
  217. St. Ptb Times: “Put The Brakes On Red light Cams”
  218. Fight Back. Join CameraFRAUD.
  219. Stealing From Constituents May Have Political Cost
  220. Councilman: “Cameras Increase Accident Rates”
  221. Frequent “Fliers”
  222. Layoffs at Redflex?
  223. Revenue More Important Than Honesty and Accuracy
  224. DPS Corrupted from Photo Radar Cash?
  225. FOIA Requests: It’s So Easy!
  226. Guilty! And You Didn’t Even Know It
  227. Signature Gathering Today
  228. Redflex Photo Van Caught Violating State Law
  229. Happy Birthday Photo Radar: DPS May Cut 350
  230. Liberty vs. Michael Bloomberg
  231. Surveillance-Peddlers Push Bogus Studies
  232. Redflex Investors Call AZ Program “Failure”
  233. Ask Sheriff Paul Babeu
  234. CameraFRAUD at AZ51 and Highland Today
  235. Photo Radar: Discredited, Pt. 1
  236. ATS Refuses to Bid on “Unattractive” Contract
  237. Kansas City Robbery Botched
  238. Red Light Cameras: Not Enough Green
  239. State Fair Petition Drive
  240. Remember, Remember… The 5th of November
  241. Breaking: Cameras Rejected Nationwide
  242. More Automated Ticketing Contracts Terminated
  243. Red Light Cameras Again Prove Ineffective and Dangerous: Accidents Increase 133% in T
  244. Will AZ be State #15 to kick Redflex, ATS, Gatso etc Out?
  245. Tired of the Flash? Here’s What to Do!
  246. Brand New Original Unlocked Apple Iphone 3Gs 32Gb Black & WHite
  247. No WAY! …LAPD lied…?
  248. It’s official, Arizona’s state-wide Photo Enforcement program is a Tax
  249. Sheriff Joe Signs!
  250. Redflex Shareholders Fed Up