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Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post

What makes it worse, is not every police officer really cares to look at Youtube videos. But now that eric has done this, it will lead Law enforcement to my videos along with others who have video proof of what these devices really do. Which can cause problems for me and others on the highway. Your right "Stealth" is whats its all about, but how can we be Stealth when others screw it up for us. I'll admit, I have videos of jamming cops on youtube. But I would never put myself on public TV and share what devices I have on my car to the whole world!!! Especially Law enforcement... I don't know what eric was thinking, but the LEO's are not your friend. So much for keeping his low profile.. Now they will really mess with him.
x2. If I am a cop in Houston, I would be looking to pull over every black GTO on the street for the opportunity to catch him. Showing his face, his car and giving his first name...those guys are little smarter than that can fill in the gaps. I say it again, what was he thinking?
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